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At Rewyre we warmly embrace new talent from all backgrounds to join the team. We offer all members of the team a mind-stimulating and fulfilling time as they make a difference and encourage individuals and organisations to realise their potential. We facilitate the continual training of all trainers to keep them stimulated and abreast with cutting edge psychological teaching methods, learning and retention styles.

Trainers have the flexibility to work the hours they choose, travel the world, meet interesting people and be the catalyst that makes the difference in their lives. Rewyre rewards trainers generously; financially as well as other numerous fringe benefits
What is our work ethic like?
At Rewyre we fervently believe in obtaining and sharing up to date and relevant, easy to apply information in the form of solutions to our clients. We are excited about learning and ¡®rewyring¡¯ our brains to information that changes our lives and the lives of others.

We observe issues and challenges with minds wired to the solution, validating Heisenberg¡¯s uncertainty principle: when you change the way you look at something the thing you look at changes in response. We believe the mind can be trained to solve challenges with a focus on solution.

If you think you share our beliefs, passion and outlook do contact us and become the trigger for change in the fortunes of individuals and organisations.


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